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Water’s Edge Environmental provides environmental planning and consulting services for those requiring a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team that meets the demands and challenges of environmental laws and regulations effecting a broad range of industries and
land uses.

The strategic alliance forged between Water's Edge Environmental and Water's Edge Mitigation ensures that comprehensive and cost effective mitigation design, installation and monitoring can be achieved.

    Environmental Consultants, Professional Planners, Wetlands Mitigation Specialists
Key Professionals

Key Professionals:
Michael Lucey
Is a founding partner of Water’s Edge Environmental and Water’s Edge Mitigation.  Mr. Lucey is a certified Professional Wetlands Scientist with extensive experience in environmental consulting involving the management and supervision of environmental departments and project oversight as a team leader. A graduate of the University of Delaware, he has specialized experience in the design, construction and management of wetlands mitigation projects including the analysis of water budgets, vegetation selection and the administration of contracts to ensure successful establishment and survival of mitigated wetlands areas.  Mr. Lucey has over 20 years of experience in the performance of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, general wildlife surveys, State and Federal environmental permitting associated with commercial and residential developments, waterfront development design and permitting, development feasibility analyses, delineation of freshwater and coastal wetlands boundaries, soils analyses and testing, habitat identification, environmental impact statements, and AutoCad design. 
E-mail: mlucey@watersedgellc.com
Bryan M. Schuler
Is a founding partner of Water’s Edge Environmental and Water’s Edge Mitigation.  He holds a Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. He is the manager of GIS Database Development and is proficient in the creation of GIS mapping to ascertain the environmental characteristics of properties regarding site soils, endangered, threatened and critical species habitat, wetlands, tidelands, and shellfish classification. Mr. Schuler conducts field studies using GPS mapping and remote sensing to create waypoint shapefiles used in the creation of wetlands delineation maps and land use/drainage plans.   His environmental consulting experience also includes field delineation of coastal and freshwater wetlands boundaries and site soils analysis as well the preparation and management of State and Federal permit applications for commercial and residential upland and waterfront developments and environmental impact studies. 
E-mail: bschuler@watersedgellc.com
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